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Heart Failure and Cholesterol Levels

B. Tamara and others published in the American Heart Journal, September, 2008 their studies of the relationship between lower cholesterol levels and heart failure. You may have read my essays on this subject previously and it all has to do with CoQ10 and the vital role it plays in cellular energy.
CoQ10 levels plummet shortly after statins are initiated and along with this comes reduced ATP ( adenosine triphosphate ) the energy medium in the human body (and throughout much of life, for that matter.) I have said before that because of the extremely high energy requirement of the heart (like feeding a 16 cylinder gasoline engine), the heart is the first to show failure when ATP supplies are low.
Recognizing that the relationship of chronic heart failure and low cholesterol had previously been reported, the particular twist of Tamara and team was in comparing cholesterol levels with acute heart failure while in the hospital.
They studied 17,791 patients from 236 participating hospitals admitted between June of 2005 and June 2007 who had total cholesterol levels recorded. Of the patients studied, 46% were on a lipid-lowering drug. Each 10 mg increase in total cholesterol level was associated with an astonishing 4% decreased risk of in-hospital mortality from heart failure.
They concluded that in patients hospitalized with Heart Failure, lower Total Cholesterol levels independently predict increased in-hospital mortality risk and suggest that further evaluation of the influence of lipid-lowering medication use on outcomes in this population is warranted.
Imagine, 46% of the thousands of patients studied were on a statin because of the “statins can do no harm” philosophy permeating the medical profession at this time. This is the product of four decades of brainwashing about cholesterol being the cause of atherosclerosis simply because it is there, in the atherosclerotic plaque.
I have said this before but I have to repeat it one more time – this is the same as saying firefighters are the cause of fires because they are found at fires in great concentration.
The irrelevance of cholesterol has been proven time and time again in the past decade but forty years of mind control is hard to delete. So, if you enter the hospital with a cholesterol value higher than acceptable artificial limits (determined by a panel of medical experts, the majority of whom are on drug company payrolls) you are almost guaranteed to be placed on a statin (if you are not already) thereby substantially increasing your chances of being discharged in a box.
I did not make up these figures. They are published for all the world to see. One can only hope your doctor will seethem.

Retired Family Doctor