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A rainbow of hope

Each day a brand new dawning
With love that has begun
An Angel here to bless you
For every battle won

Holds you close and loves you
Feel her wings go by
Her rainbow is her beauty
That lights the darkest sky

Each day in life you struggle
She feels that hurt and pain
So gently she will whisper
“I always shall remain”

Here to ease your heartache
To help you through the fear
A moment of her presence
Her wings the song you hear

She will be here watching
As every day goes by
Praising you to heaven
For courage you’ve derived

And yes you have an Angel
That watches out for you
No matter what your journey
She’s here to get you through

Yes, Hope will spring eternal
She’ll gently kiss your face
An Angel of Compassion
Her wings will be your grace

You will feel her presence
In every waking hour
Her rainbow now upon you
Each ray a floral shower.

( Francine Pucillo )