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Waarom porridge (havermout) een goed ontbijt is

Why porridge is the best start to the day
19 March 2009

(Porridge is gekookte havermout: het heeft een lage glycaemische index en verhoogt een darm-hormoon dat het honger- en trekgevoel vermindert)

It’s already known that porridge is one of the best starts to the day – and now scientists think they may have the answer why.

Porridge is one of the lowest GI (glycaemic index) foods around, and researchers have discovered that it increases the production of a gut hormone production that suppresses appetite and leads to a feeling of being full.

Low-GI foods take longer to digest and release sugar into the bloodstream than do high-GI foods, such as white bread and processed meals.

Researchers from King’s College London gave a group of 12 volunteers either a high- or low-GI meal, and analysed their blood every 30 minutes.
They discovered that the low-GI food produced a gut hormone, known as GLP-1, which made the eater fill more full, and suppressed general appetite and cravings.

(Source: Proceedings of the Society for Endocrinology annual conference, March 18, 2009).
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