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Probiotica bij ontbijt helpen tegen over-eten

For dieters, a probiotic pill

Popping a probiotic pill with breakfast could stop you from over-eating at lunchtime, according to a study.

Men and women who took a high-dose probiotic supplement with their breakfast ate around 70 fewer calories at lunch. If the same effect were found with every meal, it would cut daily intake by 200 calories.

'These results suggest that intake of probiotic bacteria may have the potential to reduce calorie intake and therefore may be useful for weight management,' researcher Anne Bjerg, of the University of Copenhagen told the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm.

It is thought that some of the bugs in the digestive tract boost appetite. Probiotic capsules contain 'friendly bacteria' that keep the hunger ones in check.


NB: Op die pagina in de dailymail staat ook een artikel over het "wondermiddel"" (zie ook hartgenoten redactioneel 21 juli 2010) injecteerbare synthetische middel tegen obesitas (overgewicht) en diabetes : Liraglutide
Het artikel eindigt zo:

"Obesity is too complex to be solved with a drug.
'Drugs should only ever be used as a support to lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and exercise.'