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Aritmie en zwelling van extremiteiten door Borrelia B.

Schweiz Rundsch Med Prax. 1992 Apr 7;81(15):485-8.Links

Arrhythmia and swelling of all extremities

Satz N, Loretan M, Hany A.
Medizinische Klinik Kantonsspital Winterthur.

A 54-year-old patient complained about palpitations (hartkloppingen) secondary to ventricular arrhythmias over a period of several years and severe fatigue for months. Later on arthralgia (gewrichtspijn) of the left shoulder and diffuse swelling of both hands and feet appeared.

An elevated B. burgdorferi (= de spirocheet Borrelia burgdorferi) antibody titer and later on in the course the characteristic cutaneous aspect of acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (ACA) supported the diagnosis of Lyme-Borreliosis with affection of multiple organs.
Under intravenous antibiotic treatment with 2 g Ceftriaxone per day for two weeks the symptoms regressed completely. The clinical findings occurring in this patient are discussed.

PMID: 1565940 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]